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Dr. Orin Carpenter

Dr. Orin Carpenter


2021 The Pianist Pinot Noir

Being an artist of color (AOC), I have the power to bring others into the world I experience through the lens of my creations. I have the power to educate, elevate, and challenge anyone who encounters my works of art. Allowing everyone to see the world through my eyes and hopefully change their perception with a new vision and offer them the opportunity to share in the journey… my journey. As a child growing up, I loved comic books and discovered that art could be my voice and superpower to cope with the stress that came with the color of my skin. Understanding I couldn't hide in my imagination, I learned how to bring my imagination to reality. That realization I discovered, then grew into creating a world that I could share with all those who encounter my work. When approaching the creation of my art, the process is the most fulfilling component for me. Using mixed media allows an incredible marriage between materials used building into one union. I learned early on that each person consists of layers. Within those layers, lies the authentic story of who that person is and can become. This is the foundation of a lot of my creations. My experiences living as an African-American Man is where my inspiration stems from in creating the images that eventually come to fruition for all to see.

As an art educator/professional artist, I have shown in many galleries across the country. During the pandemic year, two of my works were selected for the De Young Museum Open Exhibit. I have partnered with Boston College University Roche Center for Education, to teach a course of Educating for Social Justice through Art as well as 14 years as the Visual and Performing Art Director at Marin Catholic High School. I have been published in over 12 magazines, newspaper articles, as well as multiple radio and podcast shows. My goal is to educate, elevate, and challenge everyone who encounters my work, my vision, and my voice.

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