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Kevin Keul

Kevin Keul


2021 Kalen's Big Blend Syrah

I approach my art as a way to work through personal issues and emotions that exist in both my conscious and subconscious state of mind. It is an introspective investigation into possible solutions or unrealized methods of coping. The process of making my art is equally as important as the final piece, similar to a meditative practice, each step moving me closer towards new realizations. My ideas manifest amongst specific narrative and visual imaginations, not necessarily relying on a complete understanding of my emotional state or what I am expressing. Often it is not until the work is complete that I am able to reflect on the totality of the project, and uncover the underlying relativity to my life.

I consider my artwork to be a form of storytelling through narratives, with themes that touch on human emotions such as isolation, loneliness and depression. I involve characters who ultimately parallel different facets of myself, and are dealing with internal struggles within environments that they are both part of and reacting to. The imagery becomes a representation of the character’s state of mind through layered manipulations of background patterns, lighting distortion and multiple depths of layout. In my use of storytelling I intentionally tailor the narratives to be less obvious and some times out of sequence, thus allowing the viewer to interpret and imagine the story based on their own experiences.

I approach my projects with a variety of mastered techniques and materials. My selection and format is decided based on what I feel is appropriate for the imagery and narrative involved. One single project may include imagining and building a set, characterizations through the use of costumes and props, and multi?media production.

My art practice involves a need for internal discovery coupled with an open mind to developing and evolving techniques of expression. I challenge myself with experimental material combinations and multi?disciplinary projects. While my works may vary in material and final format, they are all connected through their subject matter and characters who share similar dilemmas and struggles.

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