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John Fellows

John Fellows


2009 Kalen's Big Boy Blend Syrah

I’m originally from the East Coast and graduated from Drexel University with a BS in Graphic Design. After living in a big city for close to 11 years, I realized I needed a change and moved to Colorado in 2003 to live in the mountains and ski, but I now call Denver home. My “real” job is as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator and I’ve only ever held one fulltime job my entire life. It wasn’t until about 2006 that I really started to get serious about my art and pursue shows. 

My style has been called “Contemporary Folk” which is rather fitting due to the medium I use.  Recurring themes such as travel and nature make constant appearances in my work. I fully believe that everyone needs to leave home once in a while and experience new and foreign places. It’s good for you. My work normally consists of linoleum carvings and drawings on old found paper that I collect on my travels. I like to think of my work as a brief glimpse into someone else’s story, not a fully formed narrative. I’m not trying to force people into my work, but to more like pull them in a little and then let the audience connect with the piece on their own level. The color palette is normally very minimal to keep with the graphic quality of the medium used.

John has shown his work in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, The Netherlands, and the US.

Some words to live by: “Throw a loaf of bread and a pound of tea in an old sack and jump over the back fence.” ~ John Muir

Watch a video showing John's process.

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