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Star Oakland

Star Oakland


2014 The Barrel Climber Pinot Noir

"My work is about revelation; the truth, power, and glory of the human form and its animating spirit."

When Star Oakland sits down to create a work of art, she does not turn to fancy new forms of technology. In fact, she doesn't even turn to the classic cloth canvas upon which to lay her vibrant paints. She instead turns to human subjects, painting a temporary work of art on their skin, which ultimately serves as an intense healing ceremony. As an artist, body painter, and surface design artist, Star's work has caught the attention of international and local press.

For the past [20] years Star has painted bodies in the L.A. area, even on such famous skins as Rosanna Arquette, Ice Cube, and Perry Farrell, to name just a few. Star's paintings challenge the typical social ideas of nudity and eroticism as she creates pieces of art with the human body that invoke ideas of sensuality and spirituality, rather than just sexuality.

The ceremony is not only powerful for Star as an artist, but is also very intense for her subjects as well. Based on the notion that touch is the most ancient form of healing, through hours of fine attention to detail, Star helps her subjects experience a transformation of body image. They awaken to self-acceptance and love, and are better able to embrace their sexuality and physical form. After the ceremony they are left with photos to remember the healing, but the internal rewards remain much more vibrant in the mind and in the body.* 


*Excerpt from Vision Magazine

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