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Erik Jacobsen

Erik Jacobsen


2014 Las Madres Vineyard Syrah

Currently my artistic work revolves around tattoos and tattooing. First and foremost is the skill of creating and designing a strong and lasting tattoo. This requires both solid design and properly applied use of contrast. Using this as a departure point, it brings to mind some of the most fundamental elements in design and allows me to explore the basic tenants of artistic meaning and interpretation. So much of art is about symbols and their inherent or applied meaning. Most of the symbols we know and use today are founded in the most simplistic of forms such as the circle, the line, the dot. Combining these allow for a wide range of interpretation and exploration.

Although my main artistic interest at the moment is tattooing, it is this distillation of form and meaning that ultimately attracts me to the artistic pursuit. In painting or drawing, one still has to break down the process into various mark making and concepts, such as line quality, brush work, composition, and color theory. It is how we reconstruct these elements that creates the illusion of an image or symbol that we then interpret various meanings based on personal culture and philosophy. My pursuit is to understand further the properties of these elements and to transcend the meanings and perhaps find a deeper understanding.

Erik Jacobsen currently lives and works in Seattle, WA.

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