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Valerie Savarie

Valerie Savarie


2015 Sascha Marie Pinot Noir

Art allows me to tell a story without the use of conventional written language. I dive deep into a realm of exploration and expression, surfacing with an image that I can share with those whose curiosity draws them in for a closer look. Language barriers are gone and interpretations play in full spectrum. No right or wrong explanation of what is seen, experienced, or retold as their own …

My artistic story telling styles are varied — each one specific to a unique part of my personality that needs to be heard — not adhering to the idea that all artists should constrict themselves to one style. The analytical side likes cutting out layers in calculated patterns, laboring over minute details, painting crisp shapes in shades of gray that neatly fit together like the pieces of a puzzle. The inquisitive child in me paints with fingers, uses bright colors, freely explores how different mediums interact with one another, picks up a toothbrush instead of a paint brush, and wants immediate transfer of idea to reality. The peacemaker balancing both gray scale and full color, realistic representation combined with abstract images, composing with both brush and finger, creating harmony through diversity.

My work has grown beyond short stories, moving towards epic series — generating from a moment in time.

Meet the Artist: a video interview with 5280 - The Denver Magazine

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