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Sharon Eisley

Sharon Eisley


2012 Sonoma Coast Chardonnay

All my bios and statements were recently blown away by the death of my computer and I am left like an artist whose studio and all her art has burned down. I have a fresh slate to write what it is I paint and why and wring my art for its meaning. So do I tell you of my chimeras – My zoomorphic animal headed people (Animeoples), showing us their true humanity with an animals faces? Do I pontificate on how animal headed people become archetypes and totems, and how they pull meaning from history as far back as when  they were cultural expressions of gods and religion? Or do I tell of my tree paintings that find their way into a surreal world to say more than our world can? The symbolism in my work? Or my techniques – watercolor, or oil on carved wood, drawn with the Chinese brush I fell in love with living in Asia years ago? I would rather, if you have a moment, ask you to take a look at my art and make up your own mind. I hope you are drawn in by the strangeness and held by the beauty.

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