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Elise Morris

Elise Morris


2009 Russian River Valley Chardonnay

For me, painting is an intuitive process of creating space, a layering of experiences that evokes both unexpected complexity and the bareness of wide open sky. It is a process of being present to what comes, to new subtleties.

At the very heart of my current work, I am chasing my own eden, a place of duality where everything is very still and in constant flux at the same time. Perhaps this is an interior space of reflection and yearning, both while digging deep and floating on the surface. I like the idea of catching the world in the process of moving between two static places. I was once asked to find the edge of where nature begins and ends. It is a profound question that brings about transformative moments of wonder and disbelief in the frailty of it all.

In my work I am chasing what is ineffable — the feeling of tenuous blossoms on a branch. The constant flux of a crumbling leaf that curls and falls the long circuitous path to the ground.

In painting, I evoke the close range of focus nighttime brings. It changes things to see only what is close. Details and nuances emerge layer upon layer, the rest falls away.

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