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Margaret Chavigny

Margaret Chavigny


2009 Green Acres Hill Chardonnay

The process of painting, for me, begins with attention to the shifting internal boundaries between order and chaos, intention and chance, knowing and not knowing. I explore this generative space with a visual vocabulary of interconnection — nerves, pathways, waves, sinews, currents. In this newest body of work I use organic form and color in counterpoint to uncover symmetries, reflections, shadows and depth. My aim is to bridge the dichotomies of growth and fragility through multi-layered patterns, and to evoke the unseen but powerful sensations of the body within.

I begin my pieces with collage, applying areas of color, images, and random marks. I use a partial image of the yogic nadis — the subtle channels of the body which flow within and without — as a building block for many of my compositions. I seal the first layer with beeswax, encasing and sometimes veiling what is underneath; the surface paint brings color and form into focus. The loose geometrical shapes give structure and the organic forms relinquish that control; my task is to discover new ways to find equilibrium between them. This way of working has become a permeable container for my ideas, an opening into play and unexpected wanderings.

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